Photo Retouching Prices

The cost of photo retouching starts from $0.25 for color correction, and from $2.50 for basic retouching at FixThePhoto, depending on the complexity of the task and the specific services ordered. This page includes our price list for all services we provide. If you were looking for professional retouching for a low price, you’ve found the perfect place. Photo retouching prices at FixThePhoto have been reasonable and stable since 2013.

Do not forget to mention all instructions and specific requirements concerning changes you want us to apply to photographs. You are welcome to choose the most suitable option from 5 Retouching Packages for photographers listed below. FixThePhoto also provides special packages for beginning shooters and even gives Lightroom presets to them. You pay for the services in American dollars but we can accept international charges via PayPal*.


$ 2.50
per photo
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Services applied:
  • Light Skin Face Correction (Up to 3 People)
  • Red Eye Effect Removal
  • Blemish Removal
  • Scar, Pimple, Acne
  • Face Skin Smoothening
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Color Correction
  • Image Cropping
  • Not Include:

  • Headshots Editing
  • Studio Photos Editing
  • Body Retouching
  • Touch Up of the Background
  • Newborn Photo Editing
  • outsource photography editing basic
  • outsource photo editing basic
  • editing outsourcing basic


    $ 6.00
    per photo
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    Services applied:
    • Basic Corrections
    • Pro Beauty Correction (Up to 3 People)
    • Body Correction / Retouching
    • Weight Reduction
    • BackGround Enhancement
    • Removing Stray Hair
    • Slight Stretching Solid Сolor Background
    • Face Wrinkles Removal
    • Removing Small Objects
    • Clipping Path simple objects on the transparent / solid black or white background (No Retouching)
    • Newborn Photo Editing
    • Portrait Photo Retouching
    • Not Include:

    • Masking Images
    • outsource editing pro
    • photo editing outsourcing pro
    • outsource editing for photographers pro

      High End

      $ 12.00
      per photo
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      Services applied:
      • Pro Corrections
      • High End Beauty Correction (Up to 3 People)
      • High End Eye Retouching
      • High End Hair Retouching
      • High End Background Retouching
      • HDR Effects/HDR Compositing
      • Following Client's Style
      • Jewelry Retouching
      • Nude-photos Editing
      • outsourcing photo editing services high end
      • outsource photo retouching high end
      • outsource editing services high end


        $ 12.00
        per photo
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        Services applied:
        • Braces Removal *
        • Basic Correction (Up to 10 People)
        • Merge Photos *
        • Remove /Restore Elements
        • Add or Remove People *
        • Fixing Color Fringing / Chromatic Aberration
        • Eyeglass Glare Removal *
        • Photography Elements, Clothes and Accessories Colors Changing *
        • Head / Eyes / Body Parts Swapping *
        • Wrinkles / Creases of Clothes Smoothing *
        • Background Replacement for a Couple of Objects *
        • Masking Images *
        • Clipping Path for a Complex Objects *
        • * Separately provided option

        • outsource photography editing extra
        • outsource photo editing extra
        • editing outsourcing extra

          Photo Manipulations & Restorations

          $ 30.00
          per photo
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          Services applied:
          • outsource editing photo manipulations & restorations
          • outsource editing photo manipulations & restorations
          • outsource editing photo manipulations & restorations
            *The prices listed do not include VAT. The applicable VAT will be included in the invoice total.

            Additional Services

            Photo Editing Prices by FixThePhoto

            Our US-based company has gathered a big team of professionals and retouchers with over 10 years of experience working in this sphere. They know Photoshop & Lightroom from A to Z, understand how to edit photos of all types and genres, including portrait photos, family reunion and anniversary photo sessions, wedding images, eCommerce product photos, magazine and fashion images, etc.

            Our manager will contact you then and assign a first-class personal retoucher, who will take care of your custom photo post production tasks.

            Our Photo Retouching Prices

            Photo Editing Services ListPrice
            per photo**
            Photo Editing Services included
            Basic Photo Retouching$2.50Basic changes of the color and toning, light portrait editing (nose, eyes, hair, cheeks, etc.), image cropping.
            Pro Photo Retouching$6.00Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving the background, adding HDR effects.
            High End Photo Retouching$12.00Colors brightening, beauty portrait fixing up, figure & face reshaping, improving a back ground, adding HDR effects supplement.
            Extra Photo Retouching$12.00Artistic image post processing, experiences back ground manipulations, natural head swap if it’s needed, deep color compensation & shadows adjustment.
            Photo Manipulation & Restoration$30.00Creative or funny portrait edit, making digital drawings, natural photo montage, comic pictures creating.
            **The prices listed do not include VAT. The applicable VAT will be included in the invoice total.

            5 Photo Editing Levels Offered by Our Company

            Which stages does each package consist of? How much should you pay? What are the main benefits of choosing our qualified team? You can find all answers below.

            If you've decided to contact us and use our services, you are welcome to choose the package you like the most. Below there is information about the main difference between all levels and recommendations on how to choose the most suitable one.

            Basic Retouching Level - $2.50 per image

            This type of editing is demanded by wedding & amateur photographers. Usually, they don't need advanced photo post processing & artistic changes.

            If you choose this Basic Level, experts will perform basic color corrections, exposure and contrast fixing. The second part of this package is about basic retouching of people, including teeth whitening and red-eye effect removal.

            Basic Level - US $2.50 (per image)

            Services Applied:

            • Color correction
            • Contrast fixing
            • Light correction
            • Skin tone fixing
            • Teeth whitening

            Pro Retouching Level - $6.00 per image

            The Pro package includes more advanced corrections. It can suit people who seek meticulous photo editing and an individual approach to work.

            Our managers and retouchers pay much attention even to the small details: skin smoothening, body retouching, lighting, colors & tones adjustment, and background enhancement. These services are often used by portrait photographers.

            Pro Level - US $6.00 (per image)

            Services Applied:

            • Color correction
            • Stray hairs removal
            • Make eyes more expressive
            • Eye bag fixing
            • Skin tone improvement
            • Removing minor glares in glasses
            • Face skin retouching

            High End Retouching Level – $12.00 per image

            It is a perfect option for those, who need advanced edits but lack time to apply corrections on their own. Photo editing prices in this package are higher because retouchers have to work through multiple small details and spend more time on editing.

            The High End level covers all photographers’ needs - skin and body editing, color & balance correction, background improvement and adding High Dynamic Range effects.

            High End Level - US $12.00 (per image)

            Services Applied:

            • Beauty portrait editing
            • Defect removal
            • Makeup correction
            • Dodge & Burn effect
            • Stray hair removal
            • Color brightening
            • Skin smoothing

            Extra Retouching Level - $12.00 per image

            This package includes all techniques from the Basic level and more advanced manipulations. Usually, clients ask to replace the background, change the heads or other parts of the body or even add special things to the face, body, skin, etc.

            You can ask to add shadows or change toning, merge photos, add/delete elements, and even remove strangers from the background.

            Extra Level - US $12.00 (per image)

            Services Applied:

            • Color correction
            • Makeup improvement
            • Advanced skin retouching
            • Bags under eyes removal
            • Dodge & Burn effect
            • Hair editing
            • Small item removal
            • Wrinkle fixing

            Digital Photo Manipulation and Restoration - $30.00 per image

            This level includes photo manipulations, photomontage, damaged photo enhancement as you can understand from the name. Every customer can order any kind of photo manipulation needed. Pro Level of retouching and background editing are included in the price.

            Enhancing old or damaged images is another service included in this kit. Our retouchers can restore old, faded or damaged images by time, water, fire, etc. They will create a digital copy, remove aging effects & stains, colorize, and restore missing parts of a picture.

            Photo Manipulation and Restoration - US $30.00

            Services Applied:

            • Creative effects
            • Background editing
            • Color correction
            • Dodge & Burn technique
            • Stylization

            Get Reliable Photo Retouching Rates at FixThePhoto

            Being on the market since 2003, FixThePhoto has established itself as the leading online photo retouching service. With a strong commitment to both service quality and client satisfaction, we have garnered a loyal customer base over the years.

            Our company offers some unique features that give it a competitive edge over similar agencies, namely top-notch service, timely delivery, reasonable pricing and customer-friendly ordering process.

            Customized Pricing Special Offer

            Personalized pricing offers many benefits for businesses and customers, such as increased sales, profits, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

            We also often use Customized Pricing, for editing product photos (from 400 photos). You just have to upload your pictures and describe your requirements. Our managers will get in touch with you promptly.

            Can a Low Price for Photo Retouching Indicate High Quality?

            As you can see, FixThePhoto's photo retouching services are reasonably priced, and the quality of our images isn't inevitably sacrificed. Spend some time looking through our portfolio with retouched photos before and after, using the free trial, and evaluating the retouchers' abilities.

            Keep in mind that inexpensive prices don't always equate to bad-quality images; there are skilled retouchers at FixThePhoto who can deliver stunning results without costing too much.

            Special Offers from the FixThePhoto Team

            For our devoted clients and those who place large orders, our company offers exclusive discounts. If your order is more than $600, we will give you 15% off the price. If you've been a regular client within six months and more, had over $2000 total, you will get 30% off the price.

            Customized Pricing is another tool we frequently use to enhance product pictures (from 400 photos). Simply upload your photos and describe your needs, and one of our managers will contact you right away and guarantees professional results 24/7.

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