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All our accounts come with extra features and benefits, for free!



Safety comes first at smurfers, only the safest payment methods are available. Your credit card information is never saved without your permission and is processed using the most secure SSL technologies.

Instant delivery 24/7

Instant delivery 24/7

Purchased a LoL Smurf account? You will get an email with the account credentials right away. At Smurfers, we use a fully automated delivery system to provide an instant delivery experience.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

Lifetime Ban Warranty

We provide an extended lifetime guarantee and instant replacement on all our smurf accounts. If something happens to your League of Legends account or LoL Smurf, you'll receive a replacement instantly!

Email & Password Changeable

Email & Password Changeable

Once you receive your League of legends account, you will be able to change the email and password. That means the account is fully yours from the moment you make the purchase!

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开奖结果查询视频 Check out what our customers say about our League of Legends smurf accounts services.

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All our accounts come with extra features and benefits, for free!



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Your account got banned?

We've got you covered with our AI replacement bot

Every account comes with a lifetime warranty that allows you to get replacements instantly.

If you need instructions on how to use this warranty please check our FAQ section below.

澳洲幸运10官方最新开奖 Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it safe to buy accounts?

Yes. It is completely safe and secure to buy a lol account. We use Stripe as our main payment processor to ensure safety and privacy of all of our customers. This means that all your payment details are processed by Stripe and are not accessible by us. There is no risk whatsoever in buying a League of Legends account from us.

How can I change my LoL account credentials?

How fast will I receive my LoL account?

The account is not as described (Blue essence wise)

I bought the account, where is the account information?

I got banned, how can I get a replacement?

What are the regions of the LoL accounts that you sell?

How many LoL Smurfs can I buy?

Do the Math

It takes the average League of legends player around 14-30 days to level up an account from ground up to level 30. With our service you can get your desired lol account in seconds, with the fraction of that price!

14-30 days

to level up till level 30 🧓, without taking rest days into account. Get the LoL account INSTANTLY with us!

195,219 +

Orders completed 🎉. Smurfers have never failed to fulfill an order. Your LoL smurf account will be delivered instantly after purchase.

99 %

Customer satisfaction rate 💪! Our main goal in the business is to ensure that customers are happy with their LoL Smurf accounts.

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